University systems

University management systems are an effective way to improve quality and the effectiveness of the process of providing the main activities of each school. These systems are suitable for higher education institutions as well as for colleges, academies, schools and other educational institutions. The university management system aims to ensure the improvement of the functioning of the given educational institution, by creating a reliable information environment ensuring the processes for control and management of the quality of education, of the processes for making managerial decisionsdetermining the cost of services provided by the school, as well as to improve their quality .


- Automation of rules and procedures on adding, archiving, processing,and searching and visualization of information related to the organization and administration of all basic and auxiliary processes for ansuring the educational and economic activity;
- Automation of work in the main academic units;
- Ensuring the preparation of inquiries with statistical information for students by form of education, educational qualification degree, status of students (active, interrupted, removed, restored, graduated, average grade, statistics by faculties, forms of education, course, group, etc.)
- Ensuring the introduction of curricula related to the educational qualification degree, term and form of education, professional field and specialty, name, hours, credits of the disciplines and the course, the distribution of study time by semesters, sessions, internships, etc.;
- Automation of work in the units responsible for managing the learning process(creating an electronic schedule of the learning process);
- Determining the reliable classroom employment of the teaching staff;
-Archiving and processing of data on the academic staff, monitoring of all activities for development of the academic staff (assessment, increase of competencies and projects);
- Making a connection between the individual structures in the school;
- Work automation for processing the files of the candidate-students, organizing and conducting the candidate-student exam, assessment, ranking and admission;
- Attestation and insurance of the quality of all activities of the main departments in the school;
- Preparation of rederence sections in the system database for preparation of academic and financial reports for determination of the real prime cost og the services offered by the aducational institution;

Business management systems

Business management system is an efficient way to improve the quality and efficiency of the process of management and control of any organization. These systems are suitable for firms with a small volume of activity and a large volume, as well as for organizations with more than one activity.
Business management system aims to ensure the improvement of the functioning of the organization through the creation, sorting and lineup of a reliable information environment support the process control and management of the organization and the processes for making management decisions.


- Automation of the rules and procedures for adding ,archiving, processing, and search and visualization of information associated with organization and administration of all main and auxiliary processes of the organization;
- Provision of preparation of the statistical information media;
- Automation of the work in separate areas;
- Creates a link between the separate structures;