About us

beOnline is an e-learning company which helps all kinds of companies to improve their efficiency through training and technology. We provide e-learning solutions to leading corporate companies, small and medium enterprises, government institutions, universities and schools. We maximize efficiency by cooperating with the most knowledgeable experts on the subject to determine the necessary solutions to your challenges in your online training.

By doing this, we succeed in providing effective training solutions, tailored to meet your specific business needs, leading to improvement work processes or behavior change. To achieve this, we follow an approach oriented in supporting learners in the essence of our business. beOnline specializes in university and corporate management systems aimed at ensure the improvement of the functioning of the organization by creating, sorting and arranging of a reliable information environment, providing control and management of the processes of organization, as well as management decision-making processes. beOnline is also an expert in hotel management systems, proven by the number of hotels that are our customers. Our systems aim to ensure the improvement of the functioning of the organization and management of the hotel, monitoring and controlling all important aspects of its management. Our easy-to-use system covers and monitors not only the process of accommodating tourists, but also manages the individual activities of the hotel, such as offers to customers, monitoring of cleaning, statistical, financial analysis, etc.